Now we wait…

Well, I finally bought my Volunteer Latin America guide. I wanted to wait until I got my tax return, and right when I was thinking, “screw it,” and just wanted to buy it anyway, I checked my bank account and voila! Part of my tax return was in there lol

The guide is supposed to come via email in 1 – 10 working days, so very soon I’ll have all my options available to me, and I’ll indeed see if I can get this to work out by September/October.

Right now I’m aiming for Argentina, Chile, or Costa Rica. I’ve been perusing the Bureau of Consular Affairs website to get the lowdown on the crime throughout Latin America, since my main factor is choosing a country is my safety (cost is a very close second, but if I also need to see how much safety I can afford). Argentina and Chile are the safest countries, given that they have the highest standard of living throughout Latin America. Out of the all of the other Latin American countries, Costa Rica seems to be the safest, relatively speaking. Crime is rising in Costa Rica, but it still doesn’t seem to be high yet, and there’s not really an abundance of violent crime.

~ by Revé on May 2, 2010.

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