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March 2014: I don’t spend much time here anymore. You can find me here and on the linked social media sites.

Hola a todos-

I initially started this blog to prepare myself to live in Seville, Spain, during 2011 – 2012, and chronicle my life overseas. In Seville I did a language immersion program at CLIC Sevilla and taught some private English classes as well. At the time, I was hoping to stay longer than I had, but between the Andalusian economy, which has a higher unemployment rate than the rest of Spain, and issues with my visa, I came back to Chicago on March 13, 2012.

Now, Fall 2013, I live in Madrid and work in a public “bilingual” elementary school in a Northeastern district of the capital city. At the moment, this is an indefinite move. Aaaand if you know a bit about my life, that’s all I will say about that. No sense in asking, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I’m still very much into language learning. Ultimately I’d like to take the DELE Spanish proficiency exam at the C2 level, and I’m contemplating taking the Certificado Superior del Español de las Ciencias de la Salud. Whether my French will reach a level where I’d be willing to take a French proficiency exam is TBD, I hope to eventually reach C1 or so with it…ideally.

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  1. Hi Revé
    I just started reading your blog because of a comment you left on future.diplo. Did you pick the immersion program over the Auxiliar program in a permanent way? Would you do a post about your decision process to choose one over the other or point me towards one if I missed it? I was just surprised to see you mention the Auxiliar program once and not see it referred to again afterwards. Thanks.

    • Hi Rabbie,

      A few factors went into my decision to do an immersion program in Seville rather than the auxiliar program, such as:

      1) I specifically wanted to live in Seville
      2) I wanted to feel reassured that I’d be able to learn Spanish and speak it all the time
      3) I wanted to improve my Spanish quickly

      With the auxiliar program, none of these would be guaranteed. I did start the application program last year to be an auxiliar and put Andalusia as my first choice region, but decided against it. As expensive as my decision to do this was, Good Lord so much money, I do feel like it was a good decision because English teachers who are native speakers here tend to speak Spanish poorly; the auxiliares that do speak it rather well, this is not their first time living in a Spanish-speaking country.

      With my French, while I would prefer to just take classes to learn French, that is impossible as the absolute cheapest immersion program I’ve seen so far in France is $1000 more than my program in Seville. It might have been possible if I could work in Chicago for the year or so between Spain and France, but since I want to go to Latin America since my Spanish is not where I want it to be, I’m trying to come up with another plan. At the moment, I am planning on trying to do the French auxiliar program, take French classes throughout the school year while I’m teaching, and do language immersion over the summers (if I can afford it), over 2 years.

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