job searching

Not much going on. Since I’ve come up with September as my “go abroad” date, I figured I should exhaust Craig’s List and the like looking for jobs to help fund this. The tricky thing is I receive unemployment benefits, so I can’t just apply for *any* job. You gotta factor in transportation costs, meals, your unemployment salary, and a little extra, to make it worth your while to go off unemployment.

Earlier today I was…I don’t know if offered a job, is the right phrase, but received an email from a supposed potential employer that seemed really sketchy. So I applied to more jobs, and was offered an interview today. I think, anyway. It’s for a receptionist position at a day care center, and since I have administrative experience plus experience working with very young children, I figured I should go for it. I just need to see if I’ll be offered enough hours to justify giving up my unemployment benefits.

~ by Revé on February 18, 2010.

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  1. Good luck with your job search! 🙂

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