For several reasons, I’m taking an indefinite hiatus from this blog.

Overall, things are okay for the most part. I spend most of any given day working, either at the elementary school, outside of school giving classes to Spanish professionals, developing my freelance writing career (which is where I devote the majority of my access-to-wifi time — working on my website, spending time on a freelance writers community, attempt to market and network, etc). Currently, I am also taking a couple Spanish classes, including one in advanced Spanish pronunciation/phonetics, hoping to get a pass to a local gym so I can attend dance classes occasionally, and trying to build something resembling a social life, support system, network of friendly acquaintances, whathaveyou.

Next week I’m going to start working a bit more. I officially have a job for the summer, a well-paid au pair/English teaching position, so starting in April I’ll be working with the children a few hours a week so they can get used to me. I’ve met them already, they seem like sweet kids. The oldest supposedly hates English, but I have fun websites, games, and wear pretty scarfs and skirts, so I’m adequately armed.

Spring has sprung here…and then un-sprung a bit so I’m currently a bit sick. And apparently February 2014 had the lowest amount of sunny days in 20 years, plus constant rain (Compared to Chicago’s winter though…I hate to admit how often the line, “Well, I could be in Chicago,” was used to brighten my mood the past few months). That being said, for the most part the beginning of 2014 has been muuuuch better than the beginning of the previous year. Gotta take our victories where we can.

~ by Revé on March 29, 2014.

4 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Nice to hear from you! Well, you seem to be happy and content, adjusting to your life there; I do pray for that, all the time. I am glad to hear that, mostly, things are going well for you, right now. YOU will always be in my prayers, hiatus, or not; so, you NEVER have to ever doubt that. Just continue to take care of yourself. Sad to hear that you are a little under the weather. Work on STAYING healthy, and fit, as much as possible; and I am praying that your social life, immensely, improves there, ASAP! 😉 And, I do know that you are making your parents proud! Until the next time that I hear from you, again … take care!

    Sharon Lambert

  2. Hola! Great pictures.
    Sorry to hear you’re ending the blog. I’ve enjoyed your updates over the years. I’ve been missing Spain recently. I’d love go back for a visit sometime soon. Congrats on the summer job and good luck on your classes. I took a Spanish phonetics/linguistics class in college, so tough.
    I can relate to trying to form a social network there. It was one of the things I struggled with the most while there. I hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for.

    Take care!

    • I’ll probably update this again eventually, but probably not for a while for a variety of reasons. If you’d like to connect on FB/Twitter, let me know!

      A few years ago I took an American English phonetics class, so I feel like my Spanish phonetics class hasn’t been too bad so far…but admittedly enough, we’ve only had 2 classes as of now.

      I think part of my problem was that my first few months here were full of problems, then 2012 – mid 2013 in general was a hot mess, so I was drained that much more, plus frankly I greatly prefer Sevilla to Madrid. Things are on the up and up though, I think, so hopefully everything will come together soon 🙂

  3. Hola Querida!
    We are so proud of you!!! Take care of yourself…

    Dad & Mom

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