Esperando a los Reyes Magos

I’m still waiting for my new cell phone [EDIT: I received an email about an hour ago saying that said phone is no longer available, back to square one] and for wi-fi to be set up in my new place. Admittedly this makes me feel pretty isolated at times, but aside from that I’m getting settled into my new studio well.  I feel more relaxed, my health has improved, I’ve lost some weight, and my hair is softer for some reason.  And as I imagine that one of my former roommates’ friends took my old room — as the landlord hadn’t shown it to anyone yet managed to rent it well before I left, and I flat out told her “They need to just live with their friends.  No one else is going to tolerate this” — this is best for everyone.  

I still need to buy some appliances for the kitchen. There’s no oven (which is pretty common in Spain, especially in apartments), no microwave, and as I lovingly refer to it, a “better than nothing” stove.  I’m looking for used appliances (in segundamano stores), on Amazon, and I’m going to check out the “rebajas” that take place after the holidays to see if I can get a good deal. It’s hard enough to be motivated to cook at times with fully functioning appliances, so these are a must buy. At least the stove.

Friday morning I head down to Seville for winter break.  I’m also going to Granada for a few days after Christmas.  Since “Día de los Reyes” is on a Monday this year, school doesn’t start back up again until the following Wednesday, so we get a good break this year. Part of me is really excited to go back to Seville.  I still have friends there and I’m excited to have a vacation during which I don’t *have* to do anything.  Not to mention the weather is much nicer than Madrid and Chicago.  On the other hand, I’m a little worried I’ll be disappointed, that something will go wrong, etc.  And I technically don’t have any set plans with anyone yet.  And I might end up spending Christmas at a McDonald’s, I ended up at one here on Thanksgiving (Most of my American expats friends either didn´t have any money for a Thanksgiving dinner and/or didn’t have an oven (see above). If nothing else, it’ll be memorable. And hopefully relatively warm.

~ by Revé on December 17, 2013.

5 Responses to “Esperando a los Reyes Magos”

  1. Hi! I’m happy to hear that you are at your new place; and settling in. I wish that it was cheap to send something to you, to help out. I can’t remember if it is, or not. So, do you have to pay to have the kitchen things that you need, put in, and connected? How does that work? Do you have those European plug adapters? Are you just looking for a counter microwave oven, or the over the range one? Can you, even, have anything installed into a wall? Do you, even, have a stove; because I noticed that you said something about needing an oven? Also, is it cold in Madrid? How far away is Seville, and Granada? I remember Keisha going to these places.

    aka Sharon P. Lambert
    (BearyAmazing is my online business; in case you didn’t know)

    • Shipping things to Spain would be expensive for you AND me; we have to pay to pick large/heavy international packages at the post office, at least 25 euros.

      I’m looking for a typical counter microwave, small oven, and a vitroceramic hob stove, although anything that works relatively well would do.

      The temperature in Madrid does not get as cold as Chicago, but since it’s a dry cold, the same temperature here feels much colder.

      They’re in southern Spain, 5-ish hour drive to Seville.

      • Yes, your mom and I spoke last night … so I know. I’m still looking into an inexpensive way to send you a small appliance; a crock pot that I’m not using anymore. I, even, still have the book for it. There are a lot of recipes in it for things that you can make. You would just need an adapter. I have an online business; so I’m trying to see if shipping it, through my business, would be inexpensive. I’ve been busy (my girls are coming home for Christmas); so I haven’t had time to check into it, yet. Both your mom, and I, are just glad that you have a better living arrangement, now.

        Mrs. Lambert

      • Electricity is Spain is very expensive and in January it’s going to get more expensive, so I wouldn’t be able to use something like a crock pot, since it needs several hours of electricity on any given day. I do appreciate the thought 🙂

      • Oh, wow! Okay! It is living in different Countries, that teaches you on what not to take for granted, anymore; and what to appreciate! 😉

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