5 months and counting…[video]

So much to say. My sister and I went to Madrid and Italy over Christmas and New Year’s. I now have enough students that I can relax a bit regarding my bills (the money I make from teaching a pair of brothers in one class and their dad for a couple hours pays my rent alone). I have some new job prospects, and a new plan regarding living in France. But before I talk about that in detail, here’s a video of how I sound speaking Spanish thus far in my stay.

I fail at embedding, so here’s a link: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v311/reve119/?action=view&current=200423.mp4
It’s about 6 minutes long and as I say in the video, I’m talking about how challenging it is to try to learn a language fluently and how hard it is to befriend the Spanish (not just for me, foreigners in general). In my opinion, my accent is not as strong as the average American here, nor is it Andalusian, which is intentional lol. I would like it to sound less American.

~ by Revé on February 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “5 months and counting…[video]”

  1. I was so excited to watch the video! Very impressive!

    I was a bit sad, and surprised, that making authentic friends in Spain has been as difficult for you as the tone of the voice (towards the end of the video) suggests.

    I am very proud of you, Reve, for your courage in making such a large cultural jump!

    Con un abrazo grande para ti, mi amiga!

    Dr. Jaggi

    • Thank you!

      Another factor that plays a role regarding my level of comfort with the Spanish has been my race, which I’ve talked about with some Spaniards and other foreigners a bit. The Spaniards who have actually talked to me have all been nice for the most part, but I’m still not used to being stared at as often as I am here (although I have gotten accustomed to some comments I get and getting hit on a lot).

      And then like I mentioned, I feel like it’s hard for foreigners in general to really befriend the locals since they have no incentive to befriend us, so us foreigners befriend each other, and I know none of these relationships have the kind of depth where we’ll still talk to each other once one or the other leaves Spain. Honestly, I don’t really talk to people from IWU either, the ones I communicate with the most often nowadays are people who I didn’t really talk to when we were students there.

      That being said I’m glad I’m here. I also think living in France will be easier as 1) I’ll be there longer to attend grad school in additional to working there and learning French, and 2) there are much more black people in France.

      Abrazos desde España!

      • Three things.
        1. Re: Being hit on a lot.
        Exotification, followed by inappropriate attention, is seen in all cultures, to varying degrees. Es posible que en Espana, este typo de behavior es mas tolerable como en el Estados Unidos?

        2. Re: Talking more with those IWU folks that you didn’t talk to much while you were here.
        This has happpened to me in reverse! There were students, particularly students of color, whose ‘demeanor’ I liked, but whom I didn’t really get to know very well when they were at IWU. And when we connect on FB, I discover WHY I had liked them in the first place! So, I am thrilled that I have gotten to know you better! 🙂

        3. Forgot what the third thing was, damn!

        Gracias por tus abrazos desde Espana! Igualmente!
        Dr. Jaggi

    • 1. I think so. My most recent Spanish teacher in Chicago was from Spain, so I can’t say I wasn’t warned, heh. Honestly, this kind of attention I’m the least upset about because some of the things they say to me are just so amusing that I laugh as I walk past. Like one guy asked for a picture with me last month. It made me feel like I should make a calendar lol.

      2. That kind of happened with me, like the people I talk to now I didn’t really talk to at IWU, not because we had anything against each other, but we just weren’t in the same circle of friends, weren’t in the same classes, etc. And now on FB we talk more, we see we have things in common, plan to hang out, it makes me wonder what would have happened were we friends at IWU (we probably wouldn’t be friends now, but I wonder).

      I will say I am very glad to get to know you better too! I’m horrible in physics, like it’s one of the very very few things I do not do well whatsoever, so I’m glad I got to know you better through Facebook since if I had taken physics I would have failed it lol.

  2. I am so happy for you; just to see how far you have made it! God will always be with you; He has carried you, thus far, in your time of need! Hang in there! 🙂

    • Very suiting as I just came back from church lol.

      Things definitely aren’t bad right now, they were worse a couple months ago, and I do push myself and go out of my comfort zone to ensure that my stay here is going as well as possible. I do think things will improve somewhat, it’s just going to take time.

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