Another update

2 updates in one day after no updates in 2 months? Yeah that sounds about right.

In Seville, I spend 2 – 3 hours minimum of an average day walking. On Wednesday alone I spent a good 6 – 7 hours walking, and then yesterday and today I did a lot of walking while in Paris. It’s wearing down my body. When I’m in class my body is aching, even though I’m sitting down not doing anything. I need to keep rolling my shoulders because they feel like the world is weighing them down. I try to stretch my back as well, and naturally my feet and legs hurt. I told my sister that I need to find a message therapist once we get back to Spain.

Being in Paris has given me some confidence that I’ll be good at French someday. My education in French is completely limited to a little book called “French in 3 months” that I’ve barely even glanced at since I moved overseas, much less finished, but I remember a fair amount of what I’ve read, can express what I need, and can at least recognize the words I know when I hear them. That being said, I have to be careful not to mix French and Spanish. I accidentally said “muy bon” and “c’est rico” lol.

I mentioned that I’m job searching in Seville, but you may recall that months ago I came up with a plan to try to be an au pair in France. I’d prefer to work in Seville. I love it here, my Spanish will continue to improve, and au pairing tends to be poorly paid work (although housing and food are provided, and usually access to a car, so depending on what your other options are job-wise it might even out). I’m only interested in working in France. I wouldn’t mind working in Spain or Italy, but looking at the visa requirements on the au pair profile page, it doesn’t seem possible. Both of these countries seem to be required to hire EU nationals (at least for long-term au pairs), but France apparently doesn’t have that requirement.

Anyway, today on the au pair job finding website, there was a family who has expressed interest in me and I’m kind of interested in them too. On my profile, I wrote that I speak English and Spanish, I’m teaching English, I’m learning French and know a limited amount of Italian. I also put that I’m only interested in living in France. Well, the family who replied is an Italian/Venezuelan family who lives 15 miles from Paris and they want someone to help with their kids’ English through planned activities. The mother looks like she has some African blood in her, which would be nice as a Black woman myself.

The only things about this job that I’m eh about, which may or may not be good depending on how my job situation pans out in Seville, are: 1) they want someone to start between January and March 2012, 2) they only want someone from 2 to 6 months. I wanted to start later, but if I don’t find work in Spain, my visa will expire in late February so in theory I could just head to Paris once it does. Also, since they only want someone from 2 – 6 months, I could just work there for 3 months, which is as long as Americans can stay in France without needing a visa, if I recall correctly. Since I’ll be in France, I could attempt to look for other jobs there (and Spain too since it’s so close) during those 3 months. I don’t know, it’s something to consider.

~ by Revé on November 25, 2011.

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  1. Would you be able to get a Visa, while in France, for the 3 months? Or can you apply for an extension, to your Spain visa? Or, can you only apply in the U.S.? What good are those Overseas American Embassies!

    • Americans don’t need visas to live in France for 3 months or less, which is why I said I’d be there for 3 months as opposed to a longer period of time like I prefer. I can’t apply for a visa for France while in Spain on a student visa, I’d need a residence visa (in my case, a visa to work in Spain). I was hoping that when I do eventually live in France, that I could get a year-long visa of some sort and that it wouldn’t happen until 1) I have enough money to study there long-term or get a job of some sort there, and 2) I’m ready to leave Spain for the time being.

      The only way I can extend my Spanish visa *while still in Spain* is to get a job that would sponsor a visa for me. I have a 6-month student visa, which can’t be extend from Spain, I’d have to go home to Chicago and pay for more than 3 months worth of classes to get it renewed. A year-long student visa can be renewed from Spain, but I’m not entirely sure under what circumstances.

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