Moving on up…

I moved up a level in my school today, after 3 weeks of classes. I’m officially in B2, only 2 levels surpass me. B2 is supposed to take 8 weeks to pass so my goal is 6. B1 was supposed to take 6, but I was one of the more advanced students in my class so I guess 3 weeks for that makes sense. The teacher I have for my new grammar class is the same as my last class (I explained why in an earlier post) so the lessons so far this week are a more in-depth continuation of last week. I’m not having a problem with them but the other students are finding them pretty challenging.

Every so often I have a day where my Spanish comprehension seems to increase drastically. Actually, now that I think about it, both times that has happened after church. Church here is such a workout for your brain lol.

After reading my WordPress, a friend said to me there’s NOTHING?! you miss about home? And the answer is yes, practically nothing. I’ll explain.

Were I in Chicago:
-The particular friend who said this would still be in DC.
-My sister would be in Boston.
-I’d have no friends [nearby who want to talk/hang out]
-No job prospects

Here I have:
-Un guapo que me trata como si yo hubiera bajado del cielo para conocerlo.
-Far better social life
-The weather is nicer
-Overall I like the food more
-I have a few job prospects
-I don’t have to put a microcosm of effort into maintaining or losing weight
-I don’t have to drive to get anywhere
-Liquor is cheap
-I can travel for relatively little money
-I get to speak Spanish all the time and am improving day by day
-I even like my church here more. I go to a certain church here completely willingly, I don’t feel obligated to attend because my family is so religious.

So I asked her what’s there to miss. She said she’d miss her family. I said:
-I still talk to my parents, Skype generally once a week and email when I get a chance
-I can’t live with my parents forever, I have to move out eventually
-I can’t stay just for my family. Not to mention I think certain family members would love an excuse to visit Spain. I know my parents did lol.

I do miss:
-Fluently understanding what’s going on, although hopefully that’ll more-or-less change in time
-Being happy with my living arrangements (since I’ve posted my last entry my problems with the owner of this house have escalated tremendously like damn)
-Seeing more Black people around and things related to such
-The Victoria Secret semi-annual sale is not the same lol
-Ordering from American websites

I’m trying to extend my visa, take more classes, and hopefully continue working if my job prospects work out. The American consulates in Spain combine both American and Spanish laziness as they are only open 10 – 1pm. Not even until 2, when siesta starts. I’m trying to figure out the protocol so I won’t have to go too much and miss class a lot.

~ by Revé on September 26, 2011.

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