En camino a la escuela (fotos)

Like I mentioned yesterday I took pictures of my walk to class. Right now I’m resting in bed for a bit until I go to an event at a bar with people from my program. It’s starts at 10pm, so I’ll probably leave my house at like 9:30 – 9:45 and get there at like 10:30 or so.

Anyway, here is my walk to school. Under the cut.

I was concerned about putting pictures of part of the street I live on on the off chance someone from Seville stumbles upon this, but if they’re anything like the cab drivers who dropped me off here, they probably don’t know where this is.

A cerveceria is essentially a brewery. Tons of those in the neighborhood.

Cruzcampo is a very popular Spanish beer. I’ve even seen it in vending machines.

My cell phone/mobile internet company. Nice to know there’s a branch nearby.

I pass the supermarket I’ve been frequenting most often on my way to class. (Note Cruzcampo in the background. Some pictures that I took that I ended up not posting had Cruzcampo somewhere in it, almost like Where’s Waldo)

My favorite confectionery shop so far.

Part of Calle San Jacinto, the first street that enters Triana. It’s still early so barely anyone is out and about.

Almost at the bridge.

My view to the right while crossing the bridge.

And the left.

The busiest street you will see in this post.

Just made it.

Keep in mind you saw not one English-language/American anything in Triana. What’s the first thing you see when you cross the street and enter El Centro? Domino’s Pizza. In subsequent entries I’m going to show you the ads American businesses have here.

Moped parking.

A KFC I pass.

Still walking down this street.

My favorite coffeeshop so far.

Walking down the side streets to get to class. The next few pictures will mainly be of the architecture I pass on the way to class.

Note how narrow these sidewalks are. They can get ridiculously narrow, I’ll show you in later entries.

Almost there.

Plaza Nueva. On the left is also the hotel we stayed at when we first got here.

Where you can rent bicycles.

More mopeds.

A peleteria (fur coat store) near the school; I imagine it’s closing because the last thing you need in a city where the temperature only gets down to about 50 degrees is a fur coat. Not to be confused with a peluqueria (hair salon)

Inside my school. Finally there.

~ by Revé on September 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “En camino a la escuela (fotos)”

  1. gracias por las fotos 🙂
    My first time in Seville, my group stayed in Triana. It was a little strange because it wasn’t near anything touristy.We weren’t there very long, so I don’t think anyone saw very much.
    I do remember eating at the seafood restaurant right on the water/one of the bridges but I’m not sure if we even crossed the river.

    I didn’t have an oven in my apartment either. I wonder if they really are uncommon. It took a little bit of time to adjust to that. Luckily, it had most other appliances or we bought them. Your housing set up sounds interesting.

    • Someone here and I like to frequent that restaurant on the water. I ate shark for the first time there lol.

      I like how Triana isn’t touristy, but it’s kind of interesting because I’m definitely one of the very few native English speakers there. I feel kind of useful when I’m out and about and end up somewhat helping the English-speaking tourists.

      I hear that ovens and living rooms can be uncommon. I kind of have access to an oven so I could potentially use it occasionally when I find time.

  2. Reve, Spain looks absolutely AMAZING and your school looks beautiful! Such great pictures. Keep em’ coming! 🙂 🙂

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