First day of classes

You get TWO entries today, how about that lol? Really I didn’t want to talk about yesterday and today in the same entry since yesterday was so long. I’ll try to keep this quick.

Quick note about my room that I just noticed: The view from my window is a view of the window of my flatmate. So, if I want to have some natural light/air come in, and she does as well, we have to look at each other somewhat. Nothing against her, it’s just awkward since we’re both home right now. I also haven’t officially introduced myself to her.

Anyway, class started today. I mentioned that I felt like the class might be a little below me, and…well, let’s just say your girl was probably the most advanced student there. Definitely the fastest talker/most articulate overall, as I mentioned in a comment. Everyone else has to kind of think about what they say and I just talk talk talk without many reservations. One of my teachers called me “the interpreter” because I break down what he says when students don’t understand, or try to provide a word when they don’t know it. I hope I’m not too much because of it.

Almost everyone, if not everyone, is American in this class it seems. There actually is another student of color in this class, although I’m not quite sure what ethnicity he is.

About the difficulty of the class, I will say that I legitimately learned something new today. We discussed the subjunctive, and a new thing I learned was that it’s used with negative and “hay poco…” statements. So now I know.

~ by Revé on September 5, 2011.

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