Placement exam

Quick update before I head out for the day. I think it’s only like 5am in Chicago now. It’s noon here.

Yesterday I took my placement exam for my classes. I wanted to take it this week, and not Monday when everyone else takes it, so that I wouldn’t have to waste class time testing. The test was a few fill-in-the-blank questions on a few sections on one page plus a section where we were supposed to write a few sentences about our day yesterday. Nothing too complicated, though there were about 3 fill-in-the blanks where I wasn’t sure what the statement was even supposed to be saying (generally because I wouldn’t have chosen to say it like that or I’d add/subtract a “que” or something).

I’m confused as to what level I’m in. There are 8 levels: absolute beginner, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2(1), C2(2). I thought I had tested into B2, which is upper intermediate and appropriate for me in my opinion, but then I received the book for B1. I don’t know if whoever tested me changed their mind or made a mistake or what. I went to the bookstore to ask about it. The employee there said she’d have no way of knowing which one I’m supposed to have, but offered me the book below it to look at and I was thinking, Dang, is my Spanish that bad? I figure I’ll find out the stuff about my classes one way or the other on Monday.

I actually had a dream about this last night. Everyone was in the B2 class and one of the administrators told me that B1 was best for me. I woke up, a little while later realized it was all a dream, and thought it was hilarious that I’m dreaming about this stuff already.

While in the office talking to someone, I met one of my flatmates. They have her working in the office already (I think that’s an option for EU citizens who attend this school). She already knew my last name so she knew it was me. There are 2 other girls either living in the flat already or going to be living there. This first one seems nice- she wanted to introduce herself to me once she realized it was me. Hopefully the other girls are just as nice.

~ by Revé on September 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Placement exam”

  1. Those placement tests always seem a little like they only test some of your knowledge. I’ve taken a few throughout the years. I once tested into an advanced level, it seemed like the right place to be at the time.
    However, a couple years later, I did another test at another school, etc and tested intermediate. It ended up being a good review but I was disappointed I ended up in that class.

    When I was in HS, I went to a Spanish immersion program and was in the beginner class. It was super easy but when I checked the syllabus, the next class seemed a little over my head. My teacher even wrote in his review at the end that the class seemed too easy for me but either way it was good.

    Will you been in the same class the whole time you’re there? Or will you be there for a couple classes, sessions? Once classes start if you feel like it’s not right, you could try asking to retest or observe another class to see if it’s a better fit.

    I saw you mentioned your dad wanting to interpret things while there. lol My dad did the same thing! It started to get draining after awhile, especially since he loves to ask questions.

    I saw your issue about not sleeping well. I agree it’s probably related to the things you mentioned. Maybe once your program starts, etc things will fall into place!

    • Since I’ll be in Seville for so long, I won’t be in the same class the entire time. Today was the first day of class and honestly, it seemed like I was the most advanced speaker there (*definitely* the fastest speaker). I did learn a couple more rules with the subjunctive though, so there’s that.

      Lol my dad always likes to blurt out things, even though 1) he knows they can’t understand him, or at least not well, and 2) I was with him so he could have just asked me to talk, especially since I have to end up talking anyway.

      Last night I slept more-or-less ok, so hopefully I’m over my jet lag.

  2. HI Reve! I am enjoying reading your blog! 🙂 I’m so glad your first flatmate seems nice. How exciting!!!

    • Glad you’re enjoying it.

      Once I get to know the flatmates a little better I’ll write a post about them. They all seem pretty nice so far, although my German flatmate keeps to herself a bit.

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