Welcome to Seville

We arrived in Seville yesterday, around 1pm local time.

There will be no substantial updates until I purchase my own internet access. The wi-fi at the hotel hasn’t been working for my sister and me; right now we’re at Starbucks using the wi-fi and we only get 45 minutes.

Quick update:

The flights went relatively well. I was next to a toddler on the flight from Boston to Madrid and the LOUDEST 4-yr-old from Madrid to Seville.

Sevillians talk very quickly. I think the fact that I don’t really struggle when I speak Spanish doesn’t help, as I say, “bla bla bla” with relative ease and they reply with “blablablablablabla.” I refuse to say those shameful words “habla más despacio por favor.” Plus I’ll probably understand a lot more in like a month or so.

My dad has been testing my on-the-fly interpreting skills, as he blurts out a sentence in English to someone and I feel I need to quickly provide a Spanish equivalent lest they get confused.

I have ideas for upcoming posts and have taken some pictures already.

So good so far.

~ by Revé on August 31, 2011.

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