Packing lightly…

…is almost impossible when you’re not only moving to a new country, but need to cook for yourself when there. I’m not worried at all about packing for the flight back to America, as most of the toiletries and food will have been consumed/disposed of, but packing for the flight there is a headache. Save for financing the program and my living expenses, packing is probably the most stressful part of this whole endeavor.

I have 2 gifts for my host, a nice mug with a drawing of Chicago, and a framed picture of the Chicago skyline at night. Initially I had the mug and stuffed it with a shot glass, but I now know she’s in her 50s so I nixed the shot glass idea. If I wasn’t arriving in Seville so early, I would have loved to try to bring some Garrett’s popcorn.

Preparing for this trip has been exhausting, and expensive, and a bit stressful as evidence by my back/shoulder pain flaring up again, but it really is a good kind of stress. Similar to the stress, I imagine, of planning a wedding.

Only 1.5 days left.

~ by Revé on August 27, 2011.

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