My Spanish home

Yesterday I emailed my program to get the contact information for my Spanish roommate. I figured I have 2 weeks left until class starts, and chances are they would have given me the information soon, but since I’ll be in Spain next week I figured I should ask now to make sure I get the information before I leave the States.

My host is a librarian and lives with her husband. She and her spouse are about the same age as my parents. My sister commented that this makes it kind of like a homestay, except that I’m cooking for myself. They live in a 3-floor flat, and looking at the address I think they own the whole building, not just one floor (since it’s just a number, and not, say, 3 4º D/puerta 1/etc, which indicates a floor and room). The flat is a 20 – 25 minute walk to the school and located in the Triana neighborhood. I cross the river and pass a large supermarket on the way to class. My room is “luminous” apparently with a terrace and other students will be living in the building. I wonder if these will all be students in my particular program or various programs throughout Seville.

The .pdf that had my host’s information only had a name, address, and 2 phone numbers, but upon looking at the email it came in, they have an email address listed for her too. My sister only got a name, address and phone number for her housing, so she sent them a letter a few weeks introducing herself and providing her contact information (including email). They haven’t gotten back to her, so we don’t know if they never got the letter or what.

I plan on sending my host an email. I’m not sure what to say in it. I sure hope I’m not the first Black student they’ve ever hosted. Also, since other students will be living there, they could be potential friends, annoyances, or more likely people I’m more-or-less indifferent to. We’ll see.

7 days left.

~ by Revé on August 22, 2011.

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