Comer y viajar a Italia

My family and I are watching “From Spain with Love” right now. Tonight’s show is about Southern Spain, so we’re familiarizing ourselves with the cuisine from this region, our region. As someone who loves fish, I’m glad that various types of pescado are cooked there. Hopefully they’re a fairly reasonable price, both at restaurants and supermarkets.

Although we have time, my sister and I are trying to figure out our Christmas and New Year’s plans. Her program ends on December 23th (mine a month later), and while she was originally going to just go home, she’s decided to stay about a week and a half longer so we can travel. All I can say is Gracias a Dios that I will not be spending the holidays alone lol. My school is off for 2 weeks and while I figured I’d travel, a lot of it was dependent on whether or not I have friends. Granted, I imagine that some people would possibly befriend me but it’s really almost all up to chance. And even if I found friends, would they like me and I them enough to travel for a couple weeks? Now it’s not an issue.

We’ve decided to go to Italy. I want to see a city or two there, as does she, and we feel like there’s nowhere else we’d want to spend a week at, so Italy it is. I’m trying to not get too worried about exact plans just yet, as I have a traveling buddy and that’s the most important part, but my sister wants to have more definite plans.

-We need to figure out how to cheaply travel to and from Italy (NOT RyanAir) and within the country itself (Eurorail? Eurobus?).

-The exact cites to visit are yet TBD. I’d like to see Florence and maybe Siena, she Venice and Milan; if we each must pick one than Florence and Venice (Like hell we’re going to Southern Italy lol).

-When should we leave? Before or after Christmas (Christmas is a Sunday this year)? This may be dependent on whether any Spaniards would like to welcome us into their home on Christmas. And if we do spend Christmas in Italy, would there be anything for us to do?

-What is there to do on New Year’s Eve, and which city would be best?

-How much should we budget for everything? We don’t want to be overly stingy, as part of the motivation for having this trip is to have a nice long vacation rather than solely weekend trips to fit in our respective schedules while class is in session, but I still have bills to pay.

I’m excited because I’ve never been on a vacation that was at least a week long in my 26 years of living. I’ve been in the process of vacating (aka on the road traveling ugh I hate road trips so much) but I’ve never spent a week at any destination anywhere. Save for maybe a summer at my grandparents’ house when I was 3 or 4.

So yeah…excited already 🙂

~ by Revé on August 6, 2011.

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