Mi visado está listo

My visa has been approved. I need to pick it up between 1 – 2pm, Monday through Friday, so I’ll just head down there after class tomorrow on my way home. That’s the beauty about living in the Chicagoland area. Everything is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. To get to the consulate initially, I just got off the train and literally walked one block. I left the consulate at 11:25am and managed to catch the 11:30am train with time to spare. I can’t imagine living in, say, North Dakota and having to head all the way down here for a 10-minute meeting and then back again once the visa is ready.

My current session of Spanish classes is going well so far. Initially, my teacher was the one I had last year, whom I adore. The school told me that they have a teacher from Spain, but they had informed me that she only works in the late afternoons and evenings, whereas I’d prefer a late morning/early afternoon class. Well, I guess my teacher talked to someone because they called me and said that the teacher from Spain has an opening on Fridays at 11am. I felt that was very selfless of my former teacher because not only was I paying her, but I imagine I’m a fairly enjoyable student, in part because I love the language, have a strong grasp on grammar, and have an oddly extensive vocabulary given that my formal education in Spanish essentially ended in high school.

I started buying some things in preparation to leave. Not too much right now, but I’ve started to stock up on my toiletries and such. I never realized how much I spend on this stuff until I needed to buy several months worth at once. $20 for Tampax Pearl (and I might need one more box)? $12 for deodorant (and I should probably buy a little more before I leave since I’m almost out)? Goodness. Don’t even get me started on my natural hair products that I’ve yet to purchase. But better to 1) pay these prices than the prices in Spain, given the exchange rate, 2) get my beloved items than take a chance that what I want is unavailable. Especially the hair products, being Black and all.

Anyway, now that the visa is ready, I wonder if I can relax and feel some assurance that nothing else will go wrong. *knock on wood* Just a few weeks left.

ETA: OMG we can like WordPress posts now? I totally just liked this just to see if I could. No more after this lol.

~ by Revé on July 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mi visado está listo”

  1. I hope everything goes well for you! Congrats on getting the visa!!

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