Almost there

Spanish language immersion program: paid for

Round trip tickets to Seville: purchased

Visa application: Process started today, should be ready to pick up in 5 weeks from the consulate

As you see I’ve had a productive few months. I didn’t want to post again until more progress had been made.

To summarize this leg of my plans, since I’ve made so many changes along the way: On August 29, I’ll be heading to Seville to do a language immersion program. I’ll be there until January 21, 2012. It kept getting pushed back and I didn’t think it’d happen at all, but it appears that I’m on my way (I don’t want to get all that excited until my feet are on Sevillan soil, there are still 10 weeks for something to go wrong).

As it’s turning out, it’s a good thing that my plans were pushed back. My little sister decided that she wants to study abroad in Seville. We google-maped our schools yesterday and they are literally about a block or two away from each other (4 minute walk, apparently).

At the moment, I’m working on improving my Spanish (mainly my vocabulary) to the best of my ability before arriving in Spain. It’s already at a good level, but my ultimate goal for my Spanish is to be at the C2 level of the CEFR. I had been learning French and Italian, but I figured I won’t be living in France anytime soon, and probably not in Italy at all, so they can wait (I’m coming up with a plan to work on my French fluency, but I’m waiting to mention it until said plan is underway, and that won’t be until I’m mostly finished with my Spain trip).

So yeah…almost there. Then this blog should start to get interesting lol.

~ by Revé on June 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “Almost there”

  1. I’m glad you’re finally on your way! That should be nice having your sister in the same city. Do you have any ideas about what you’ll do once you finish your immersion program?

    • I do have a plan I’m contemplating after I finish Spain, but it’s still in the works so I’m waiting to make a blog post about it. Everything I’m writing here will probably end up in a blog post sometime in the future lol.

      My ultimate goal is to go to grad school in Spain for English-Spanish-French translation and interpretation. Prior to that, like Spanish, I need to work on my fluency in French (my French needs more work, but I’m only aiming to be a C1 on the CEFR whereas I want my Spanish to be a C2). I need to learn French, and I need to save up money for grad school. As an American, I can’t take out student loans to go to grad school in a foreign country so all of that money needs to be saved up beforehand.

      My previous plan was to come back to America, find a job (somewhere idk :-p), and save up money for a French language immersion program, like I’m doing with Spain, and grad school. Given how hard it is to find work, I imagine: 1) not being able to find work as soon as I got back, and 2) not being to find somewhat-decent-paying work with okay hours and a commute that wouldn’t add 1.5 – 2+ hours to my workday. Since I’d need to save up for language immersion and grad school, I imagine I’d be working for 2 years or so before I did my immersion program and then went to grad school.

      My current plan is to work as an au pair for a couple of years in France instead. Being an au pair doesn’t pay well from what I’ve seen, but: 1) I’d be able to learn French while working there, hypothetically, which means I’d be saving at least some money as far as the language immersion is concerned, 2) it would save time as I’d be learning French while working and wouldn’t need to set aside time to do French immersion after I’m done working, 2) I’d be being paid to be in the country, instead of paying to be there, which is nice.

      My parents don’t like my current plan. My mom in particular didn’t like my Spain plan at first either so it really may just be something for them to get used to. Everyone else seems to think it’s a good idea, or at least sees why I’m thinking of doing it.

    • Just realized where I went wrong in my link, it should be this: CEFR

  2. That sounds great. Sounds like we have some similar interests! When I was younger, I had thought about doing the au pair thing and then for awhile I was interested in applying to/attending the Monterrey Institute for Sp- Eng. Translating/Interpreting.

    More recently I was also thinking about going to grad school back in Spain, I found an interesting program in English language learning and linguistics and wouldn’t have been too expensive but I’m having trouble figuring out how practical or useful it would be at this point. I was really excited about finding the program but in talking to professionals and my parents, no one seemed to think it was that great of an idea or program. 😦 So that’s on hold for multiple reasons.

    • Once I saw how inexpensive grad school abroad was, I felt like I had to do it. At first it was just an idea that I have, but given the price, and given the field I want to do, it just seems practical to do it in Spain.

      Do you have an idea of what you would eventually want to do after grad school? Do you want to teach EFL/ESL? I thought about getting an MA TESOL, but it’s not for me. I realized that part of the reason I wanted to do it is so I could live abroad, but I don’t need that degree to do that, and I didn’t think I’d be interested in teaching ESL in America.

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