Long time, no post

I haven’t wanted to update in a while. I thought about my plans and talked to my parents and got their input. I have a new plan that I’ve had for at least a few months, and I’m very happy with it. I didn’t want to update this until my plan was more underway, but since I am making some headway, let me tell you my new plan, and why I changed the old one.

I told my parents about going to Spain. How I was planning on living in Spain for 2 years, being a language and culture assistant, and how I was going to raise money and eventually do a language immersion program, a 3-month one. My parents thought about it and said, “Why work in Spain for 2 years to earn a little bit of money, when you could work here, earn more money, then do your language immersion and do more things abroad?” I thought about how I wanted to live in Spain long-term when my mom said, “You want to go to grad school there, so it’s not like you won’t be able to live there for a while” The Spain language immersion program is taken care of, so my new aim was to figure out a way to earn money for a similar French one (and possibly a short Italian one, but let’s not get too ambitious).

If I could find a job here, I would be earning more money. I recently opened an account with Scottrade, so if I found a job and invested my money, hopefully it’ll appreciate.

I thought my family had a point…but I was worried about where I was going to find said job. I have been unemployed for a while, and seem to be over or under-qualified for most job listings available. I had a feeling that even if I had more experience, I’d still be unemployed. It’s just hard to find work.

A few weeks ago, I had a lead. My friend told me her uncle was sort of looking for someone to handle his administrative work, which is something I have experience in. I scheduled an interview with him, he blew me off the day of said interview, I called him, he called me and told me to call him, I did indeed call him…then I called him about 1.5 weeks later. Nothing. So much for that.

Today I had a job interview for another opportunity. This particular position seems more promising. The interviewer said that she’s going to mail the information about me to corporate and that someone should contact me regarding next steps, so if I get hired it’s unlikely, in my opinion, that it’s going to be particularly soon.

~ by Revé on March 25, 2011.

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