One step closer

Making progress.

Last week, I sent the deposit for my Spain program.

Additionally, my mom was looking at flights. She wanted to see if she could use some of her American Airlines points to pay for at least part of my flight. After calling, she learned that she apparently has enough points for *three* round trip tickets to Spain.

Furthermore, my parents have a timeshare that they’ve never used. So given that airfare would be free, they’re thinking of coming to Spain the week before my classes start, all 3 of us, and having a vacation before dropping me off at my new flat.

I don’t want to get overly excited about all of this until the entire program is paid for, at least…but I will say that I think all of this is pretty cool.

~ by Revé on October 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “One step closer”

  1. Congrats on taking the next step!
    Is this for a language program or a teaching program?
    I’m starting to look at tesol programs but I thinking I’m making it more stressful than it should be. I just don’t want to waste time/$ on something that won’t lead to a more career development.

    haha that’s funny, my parents also have a timeshare they’ve never used. They thought about using it when the came to visit Spain but we had planned on traveling too much to use it. That’s great that you wouldn’t have to worry about flights or accommodations at the beginning.

    Good luck with your next steps!

    • This is for the language immersion program. I still want to apply for the language and culture assistant program, but that’s not until December.

      Are you looking at TESOL programs to get certified? What do you think you want to do career-wise? I’m certified to teach EFL, but it’s not the best certification (e.g. CETLA, Trinity TESOL) because I only wanted it to prepare me for the language and culture assistant program. If I wanted a career in TESOL I would have pursued CELTA.

      LoI think regardless of how much traveling my parents want to do, we’d be using the timeshare because (I’m assuming) it’s already paid for. I think they like the idea that a trip to Spain would be, in theory, cheaper than one to California or Florida lol

  2. Yeah I’d still love to be able to teach in the US either at primary/secondary position or community college, etc. So I’m looking more at masters of teaching. It’s just so competitive.
    I’m already accepted to a program for something similar but I’m not sure if it’s a good fit.

    I’ve thought about doing a certificate like celta/tesl too but they don’t seem useful here and I’m not sure about teaching elsewhere.

    It’s kinda sad we haven’t used it but my dad has his own business so it’s hard for him to get away.
    Anyway enough about me. I enjoy reading your updates.

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