buscando empleo

I’ve been job searching for the past week or so. I have been unemployed for a while and receiving unemployment benefits. When I initially got let go, I had a hard time finding work that even surpassed my unemployment, much less surpassed it enough that it justified giving up receiving money to not work. During that time, I focused my efforts on preparing for a research conference I was attending, taking private Spanish lessons, and my diet and exercise. It was time well spent.

My parents said they want to help with my Spain trip, and they’ve been saying that since I got let go (well, my mom has been saying that anyway lol), but I feel like I must be more proactive, so I started again with the job search.

Initially I was only looking for work near my home (southern Chicago suburbs); I figured if my job wasn’t going to pay me well, I need to not spend a lot of money to get there (i.e. gas, parking, public transit). After a few days, I realized that was unrealistic, so I expanded my search into the city, upped my desired salary, and found jobs to apply for.

Yesterday my mom said I should try CareerBuilder.com, and although I had looked earlier last week, I looked again. I found an ad for a staffing agency that’s holding interviews on Tuesday. The ad specifically said that office staffed for the Northern suburbs, given that that staffing office was in Mount Prospect, but then I went to their website and found their office in the Chicago Loop. So my interview is at 9:30a tomorrow.

I’m hoping the interview goes well. I’m good at interviewing. It’s weird, because I’m not the most outgoing person, but I really shine when I’m trying to convince you to give me a job lol. I *do* wonder if it’s an interview interview, or if because this is a staffing agency, if they’re more so just asking what I’m looking for in a job. We’ll see.

Either way, any interview is better than none.

~ by Revé on September 13, 2010.

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