Only a matter of time…

Not much to report in the past couple of months.

It appears that Spain may indeed become a reality, in about a month or so. Maybe 2 months.

Assuming everything goes according to my current plan, I want to leave in October. Preferably early October.

~ by Revé on June 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Only a matter of time…”

  1. Hola again!
    I still had your blog set up for updates.That sounds like good news.
    Are you going to do the assitant program? I know for a couple a years they were still looking for people throughout the summer.
    fyi,I’m not sure if this will even apply to you but I read on an int’l education listserv that certain consulates now requires FBI background checks for student visas and that they take awhile to get.
    Good luck getting ready!

    • Hola!

      I wanna do the assistant program for next year, starting fall 2011. I gave more serious thought to applying for this year a little too late (at least, I thought it was too late).

      Interesting. I just searched the Chicago consulate and as of 6/15/10 you need an FBI background check for stays longer than 6 months. So I won’t need one this year (as I’d be staying for 24 weeks), but I’d need it to do the assistantship program. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hi
    How are you abroad plans going? Still planning on Spain?
    I was just talking to my mom about taking a trip back to argentina and uruguay. I’m not sure when it would happen but it was fun to plan. I need to branch out I always want to go back to places I’ve already been. 🙂
    Anyway just thought I’d say hello!

    • Hi Lauren (I’ve been out of town, so I couldn’t reply to you right away)!

      Yes, my Spain plans are still in the works. Some things have changed, so I will update shortly 🙂

      Where in Argentina and Uruguay do you think you’d want to visit?

      • I’d love to go back to Iguazu, my mom didn’t get a chance to see it when she was there and maybe go down south towards ushuaia.
        I’d like to check Montevideo and punta del este again too!
        It’s weird, at different times throughout the year I get really nostalgic for places I’ve been.It’s moved from SA to Granada, Spain now. I’ll go check out your other entry.

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