long time, no post

Not much to report here. My Spanish classes are still going well. I’m kinda regretting not applying to be a language and culture assistant in Spain this year, since I don’t feel assured that the language immersion program in Seville is going to happen.

So plan B. Volunteer Latin America. This has language immersion programs and various volunteer sites throughout Latin America. Some volunteer programs through this have free/discounted/some Spanish classes offered within the program, while you volunteer, but if you buy a specific guide, VLA gives you information on various language immersion programs that you can do separate from voiluntering. I emailed them a while back and they mentioned that language immersion programs can be as cheap as $60 a week [in Guatemala]. When I at first heard that, I was like, “What exactly am I getting that it’s only $60/week? How good is the program?” and now I’m like, “Well…might as well look into it.” Plus volunteering through VLA is cheaper than other organizations I’ve seen because they cut out the middleman. They give you the information and you contact the organization. You have to pay for the information though, and since they’re based in the UK, the info is pretty pricey. But still, much much cheaper than the thousands of dollars that I’ve seen to volunteer elsewhere.

~ by Revé on April 12, 2010.

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