I can’t wait until Spain/Latin America becomes a sure thing, if it indeed does happen. I’ve been living vicariously through some bloggers who are doing the Language and Culture Assistant program that I want to eventually do. I can’t wait to write about my own adventures, but for now, the prep that I’m doing to eventually get there will have to do.

I loved the main assignment for my Spanish class this week. My teacher gave me a list of idioms and expressions that use “tener” and a short list of some other expressions. She wanted me to create a dialogue. I especially liked this because it allowed me to apply these expressions to “real life,” and creatively too, which helped me to commit them to memory. Usually, I get a list of vocab, look it over, remember some words, forget others, but with this assignment, I do remember every expression that I used in my dialogue. I was given about 40 – 50 expressions/phrases and used 20 in my pseudo-play. I’m so proud of it, you have no idea lol. I want to have a similar assignment every time I get a list of new vocab to learn.

The hardest aspect of Spanish for me is listening. I know all the verb tenses and when/where to utilize them, my vocab is ok, but I listen to the radio, or watch TV, and I can’t follow well. The thing is, when I’m watching TV and put the closed captioning on, I can follow like 95% of what’s going on perfectly, so it’s not that I don’t know what they’re saying, I just can’t really hear it. Also, if someone is speaking who knows Spanish at an advanced level, but has somewhat of an American accent (or, apparently, a German accent, since one of the presenters who led Spanish club last week was German, and sounded quite non-American when speaking Spanish), I can follow them very easily. Even though their accent is not how Spanish is supposed to sound lol. Furthermore, if a Spanish speaker is talking *directly* to me, I have a *much* better time keeping up than if I’m sitting with a bunch of people who are having a conversation and I have to follow each person.

I hope my listening improves. I’ll be oh-so-excited when my listening improves.

~ by Revé on March 17, 2010.

One Response to “hablablablabla”

  1. Hola!

    Haven’t visited your blog in awhile. ¿Cómo estás?

    I kinda wish I had kept a blog while in Spain but I was in a small town with not a lot going on. I ended up keeping a journal throughout and kept some of the drawings, etc from kids in there.
    The private lessons sound like a great opportunity. Hope you’re learning lots of new things!
    I’d love to get into an intercambio or spanish club.
    Also, look into online programs, I’ve been using some to maintain and they can be really helpful to to learn new vocab, have a native speaker look over your writing.

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