Yesterday was my 2nd Spanish class. I’m taking private lessons. Originally, I was going to take a conversation class, but I would have missed the first 2 classes. The receptionist told me that there’s a private lesson package that costs the same as the class would, so I decided to sign up and I’m *loving* it.

I told my teacher that listening is the part of Spanish that I have the most trouble with, so my 2nd lesson had a huge listening component. My homework for next week involves idiomatic expressions, which is definitely something I also need work with. I love how customized these lessons are, and I’m definitely glad I went the private lesson route.

While my Spanish is definitely nowhere near fluency, I think it’s probably better than I give myself credit for. Today I went to Spanish Club, and it was apparently a special one about Spanish cheeses and sangria, with each available for us to partake in. One of the presenters was a student from an advanced class, and I thought, “Hmm, my Spanish isn’t *drastically* different from hers.” Also, before the club started, a couple of students were talking about words, phrases, verb tenses, etc., they didn’t know yet, and were wondering if there was a way to say “blowdry your hair.” I was like yeah, and explained what the phrase was (secarse el pelo) and how to apply it to yourself (me seco el pelo), and they seemed *oddly* impressed by that lol. Son las cositas que me hacen feliz 😉

~ by Revé on March 13, 2010.

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