otro plan

Actually, it turns out my last day isn’t the 15th. It’s today. In fact, I’m at home right now, officially unemployed.

So I came up with another plan.

Plan C: Go teach abroad now.

I really want to do my language immersion program in Seville, *however* I don’t NEED to do that before I teach. I’d just prefer to not teach in a Spanish-speaking country until I know the language. Since both the EFL TA program in Spain that I want to apply to and Latin America (at least Spanish-speaking Latin America) in general have pretty pitiful salaries, it’s easy for me to not go there now. I’d be upset if I lived in a Spanish-speaking country and left not knowing the language well, if not fluently.

However, I don’t feel quite as strongly towards any other language. There are several languages I would like to know conversationally, or at an intermediate level, but if I lived there for a while and wasn’t more-or-less fluent upon leaving, it wouldn’t kill me.

I have about $3K in savings. That’s enough to get me pretty much anywhere I’m interested in going, meaning airfare about a month or so of expenses, roughly. Ideally, I’d want to go somewhere that would allow me to put aside savings for the language immersion and about $100/month for student loans.

I’d prefer to not go to Asia, but those are where the best-paying TESOL jobs are.

Time to do some research, and time to do some thinking.

EDIT: Well, I did some thinking since I last posted this. And well, maybe trying to find a job now in Latin America- the better paying parts, like Chile- is the way to go. I gotta think about it. I remember seeing a posted job for Russia that included Russian lessons, so maybe I could find something similar in Latin America. Or take Spanish as a second language classes. They can’t possibly be all that expensive.

Expected average EFL salaries and teaching conditions for Latin America. Other regions linked at the bottom.

Lots to think about.

~ by Revé on January 6, 2010.

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