Los precios

I always keep in my mind an approximate amount of how much the language immersion course will cost, but I usually think of it as a whole, about $9 – 10K, plus airfare. I think I should think of it in more exact terms-

Price of 24 weeks of lessons (20/week) for the 2010 year: $3535
Price of shared room, full board: $5927
Price of single room, full board: $6449
Roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Seville: Hopefully no more than $1500ish

AirIberia is about $1500, and goes from Chicago -> Madrid -> Seville. Ideally, no matter what carrier I take, I just want to connect in Madrid. I’ll connect in more cities if it’ll significantly lower the cost of the airfare. AirIberia would be nice, but really, somewhere cheaper but would be nicer.

Here’s all the stuff that I get with the program-

Books: included in fees
Included in fees: 8 conferencias per week on Spanish Art, Literature, Economy, History, the regions of Spain (6-8pm Mon-Thurs), guided tour of Seville, 4 Spanish film afternoons in school, 3 sports afternoons, intercambios (conversation exchanges) with local students
Optional extras: Full-day excursions each weekend. Two 3-day excursions once a month. Reduced price Flamenco (Sevillanas) dancing lessons and horse-riding.
Affiliations: American College Credits, Bildungsurlaub, CSN-Högskoleverket, CEELE

Not bad, huh?

Here’s the program I want to do

Good. Now everything that I always try to track down when looking at the prices, the program, and really, when I’m having a rough/boring/whathaveyou day and just want to daydream, is all on one page.

~ by Revé on January 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Los precios”

  1. […] price quote from Paolo today- the program with a homestay for the housing is about $8700. So…cheaper than Seville, but not a ton […]

  2. roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Seville: Hopefully no more than $1500ish

    Have you looked into sta.com and studentuniverse? I flew to Germany for 600 dollars with sta (roundtrip). I also used sta to fly into Tokyo from Cleveland and it cost me 900 dollars. There’s no way that Seville should be that expensive, especially in the off season, ha ha 😀

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